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The Start of Faith Kansas City

On a mission trip in the early 1990s, Dennis and Denise Capra felt God was giving them a new assignment. A revelation of God's grace as it was revealed to the apostle Paul burned in their hearts, and they knew that God was calling them to be somehow involved with missions. 


They sought God's mind and specific direction for the next two years. Finally, they knew that God had called them to pastor a church and train leaders. They knew God's promise that "This church will touch this city, and the strength of this church will be the nations" would transform lives locally and internationally. A series of supernatural happenings confirmed this calling.


In March of 1994, Faith Ministries Community Church (FMCC) began meeting in a local junior high school on Saturday nights. Shortly after, more intense leadership training started with implementing Andrew Wommack's correspondence Bible college and FMCC's practical ministry labs.


Over the next six years, FMCC moved from that junior high cafeteria to a Super 8 Motel banquet room, a remodeled office space, a ministry training center, and finally, a restored vintage church where we re-launched as Faith Kansas City.


God has been faithful to bring together people from various nations, ethnic groups, and walks of life to help build Faith Kansas City into the church it is today.

And it all started in our home, hosting a home group for ten years. Our passion for discipleship began right around the kitchen table and living room. 


Looking back on 30+ years of ministry, God's calling to train and lead teams to other nations has developed in an incredible way. Faith Kansas City truly is a church that supports missions through training, financial support, and short-term mission trip opportunities. It is exciting to see that the promise of God is being fulfilled every day, "This church will touch this city, and the strength of this church will be the nations." 

In the last 30+ years, we have reached over 39 nations. 

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