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Finding Discipleship in Every Turn

Discipleship is an essential part of your Christian walk. Being part of a church provides you with friendship, ministry opportunities, and personal growth through Bible teachings. But discipleship isn't possible just sitting in a service on Sunday; it starts in a small group setting that provides a safe space to grow your faith and share your needs. 

Our Home Uplift Groups provide that safe, small setting with a planned structure on discipleship and relationship. Small groups allow you as a Christian to grow in your faith and help grow the church by inviting friends, family, and co-workers to join a group and increase their faith. 

Find a HUG and start a discipleship journey with like-minded friends. 

Friends in Nature

Meet the HUG Leaders

To receive the location of each group, please contact the HUG leader. Some groups change locations weekly. 

Become a HUG Leader

Home Uplift Groups don't function without a leader. And we are always looking for HUG leaders who catch the vision for discipleship and growing the church.  We are looking for leaders who will help us fulfill the vision to disciple and who are passionate. We do this by providing consistent small-group study guides in delivering ministry. 

Are you interested in becoming a HUG leader?

Take the first step and start our online HUG Training.

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