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Your Faith Comes By Hearing the Word of God

Growing in your faith is more than just attending a Sunday service. Romans 10:17 says, "So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." 


The Word of God refers to itself as a seed. The New Testament has forty-four verses where the translated word "seed" is used. So the words written in the Bible are seeds that grow your faith. 


Like all seeds, to grow, they must be planted. Your heart is like the ground. As you plant the Word of God in your heart, you grow in your walk with the Lord.


The Word of God was meant to be heard so that you plant in your heart the truths God has given us. When you have a true revelation of God's Word, you can walk in your faith, whatever your current life circumstance is.  


We at Faith Kansas City want to help you walk and fulfill God's given purpose for your life. Through Sunday services, home groups, our books, and teachings, we want to help you grow your faith to walk out your life's purpose. 


Listen to encouraging testimonies of people and their faith journey. 


Watch full-length sermons on topics that matter to you. Each sermon addresses a topic with Biblical insight and revelation. 


Take your Bible reading to a deeper level with commentary to help you study the Word of God.


Be inspired with articles written to challenge, encourage, and deepen your faith. 

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Dennis & Denise

Invite You to
Capra Convos

Dennis and Denise host short weekly videos answering common questions about God and faith for those who want to learn more.

For the Rest of Your Life- Book By Denis

For the Rest of Your Life

For the Rest of Your Life: Living Out Your Destiny Blueprint is a look at scripture, insights into a journey of experiences revolving around God’s original intention of mankind since the beginning.

The e-book has beautiful artwork by Polly Lunetto.

Are You a Dung Beetle- Book By the Capra
eBook & Paperback

Are You a Dung Beetle?

Are you a Dung Beetle? will help you find how to cease from a tiring life of striving and learn to enter into true peace and rest in Christ's finished work. 

Last Days Living- Book By the Capras (1)

Last Days Living

Last Days Living is a look at scripture clarifying the nature and goodness of God.

How can we respond with practical solutions? Is God judging us through these natural disasters?

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Develop Your Faith with Online Courses

Life is about more than just living. God has a purpose for you. Go as deep as you want with self-paced video courses on Biblical foundational truths, connecting with your calling, ministry of the Holy Spirit, and a financial freedom series.

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