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Healings & Miracles Weekend

with Brian & Jennifer Essary

FEBRUARY 3-4, 2024

Experience a transformative weekend of Healing and Miracles with Brian and Jennifer Essary Ministries.


Join us as we delve into the profound mission of revealing the living Jesus in this generation and equipping others to follow suit. The heart of our ministry beats with a passion for souls, a compassion for the sick and hurting, and a vision for the world.

Brian and Jennifer Essary will share their unique insights, spiritual wisdom, and practical teachings throughout the event to ignite a deeper understanding of the Gospel. Be prepared to witness and participate in miraculous physical and spiritual healing as we come together in the pursuit of divine grace and love.

Whether you seek personal renewal, inspiration for ministry, or a connection with like-minded individuals, this weekend promises to be a profound and uplifting experience. Join us in fostering an atmosphere of faith, hope, and unity as we collectively embrace the Gospel's transformative power. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a community dedicated to spreading healing and miracles to the world. 

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Brian & Jennifer Essary

Brian and Jennifer Essary share a deep compassion for people and an unwavering passion to spread the gospel globally. Over the past twenty-five years, Brian has traversed the globe, delivering the gospel to the lost through open-air evangelistic crusades. Witnessing millions embracing Christ and establishing hundreds of churches in India and various nations, Brian's impactful ministry is characterized by healings, miracles, signs, and wonders.

This dynamic preacher extends the reach of his transformative ministry through open-air gospel crusades and miracle and healing meetings held throughout the United States and other nations. Alongside his dedicated wife, Jennifer, Brian is committed to revealing the living Jesus in this generation. Their efforts go beyond merely emulating the works of Jesus; through Miracle Lifestyle University, they actively train believers to operate in the miraculous, heal the sick, and reach the lost in their day-to-day lives.

Healings, miracles, signs, and wonders are distinctive features of Jennifer and Brian's ministry, evident in both open-air gospel crusades and miracle and healing meetings held across the United States and beyond. The couple is resolute in their commitment to revealing the living Jesus in this generation. Motivated by the belief that the collective engagement of the body of Christ in the same miraculous works spoken of by Jesus is essential for fulfilling the great commission, Brian and Jennifer inspire others to join their transformative mission.

On a personal note, Jennifer is a wife, mother, and grandmother who has navigated some of life's most challenging moments, bidding farewell to her oldest son, Lane, who moved to heaven at the age of 18. Just eight months later, her late husband, Michael, also joined Lane in glory. Despite these profound transitions, Jennifer has walked with joy and peace and seeks to extend help and encouragement to others undergoing similar life experiences.


Women's Breakfast

with Jennifer Essary


You're invited! Join us for a morning of inspiration with Jennifer Essary. Bring a dish to share at our breakfast gathering, and come ready for meaningful fellowship. It's a wonderful opportunity to connect, listen, and enjoy a shared meal together.

Image by Anna Hecker

Men's Breakfast

with Brian Essary


Attention all gentlemen! Don't miss out on a special men's breakfast featuring Brian Essary. Bring a dish to share and join us for a morning of camaraderie, where you'll hear insights from Brian and enjoy great fellowship. It's an opportunity to connect, share a meal, and be inspired.

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Sunday Celebration Service

with Brian & Jennifer Essary


Join us for a powerful Healings and Miracles service featuring Brian and Jennifer Essary this Sunday. Immerse yourself in the goodness of God through their impactful words. Be inspired by testimonies and stories of healing and deliverance. If you or someone you know needs a healing or miracle, bring them along. It's a gathering filled with faith, hope, and the expectation of God's miraculous touch. Don't miss this transformative experience!

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